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  1. How can I unlock my Dot Lock Notes app with my input matrix code no longer being recognized. I kept a careful record of the matrix ahead and put and had used it several times. The app for my iPhone has malfunctioned and I already have a good bit of secure information input! This is extremely disturbing. I need instructions or I need a refund.

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for reaching me with your situation and concern.

      Could you quickly tell me:

      1. Which version of Dot Lock you’re using. The older version for older phones or Dot Lock Notes 2?

      2. Are you facing this issue recently, or you’ve faced it before.

      3. Which device you’re using.

      I will try to resolve your issue.

      Thanks & Regards,



    • Ok you’ve already mentioned that you’ve used it several times before. You could answer my other queries.

      Seems like you’ve forgotten your passcode.

      Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve a forgotten passcode, which is what makes the app more secure for sensitive information. As there is no way the passcode can fall in wrong hands by someone following forgotten passcode procedures.

      You could try to put in passcodes that you might think you’ve originally entered.

      Other than that, there is no way a forgotten can be retrieved.

      I will consider this issue and try to come up with a solution where a forgotten passcode retrieval can be achieved without hampering security.

      Thank you again for reaching out.

      I regret the inconvenience but password retrieval is not an option for forgotten passcode at this point.

      Kind Regards,



  2. Hi Suneet
    I have downloaded your Satyanarayan Katha App (Free) in my iPhone 6, when I started reading katha on Satyanarayan on 22nd April 2016, I got confused when I was reading 3rd Adhyaya, it’s all jumbled up pages, Adhyaya 4th pages are mixing here and there. Kindly see your self and you will realise it’s a big mistake. Hope you will do the corrections and will update the App very soon.

    Keep me update on the same
    Thanks & regards
    Ashok Chhugani
    New Delhi
    Mobile: +91-9958453667

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    • Hi Ashok,

      First of all, thank you for downloading my app.

      I had been very careful while adding the pages and have cross-checked several times before uploading. But, I’m really sorry if this has truly happened.

      I will go through it again and make changes soon if there is an error.

      Thanks again, for bringing this to my notice.




    • Hi Ashok, thanks again. It was a big mistake indeed. I’ve made the necessary changes and uploaded the app. The new update should be live with a week.

      Kind Regards,



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